Saturday, May 3, 2008

A week in feminine dress

Members from the Sense and Sensibility Forum are hosting a Week in Feminine Dress from Sunday, May 4th through Sunday May 11th.
I guess that I wear feminine dress most of the time, though it really depends on your definition of feminine.
Thinking that I should update my other website at In Timely Fashion I found this article on being feminine.

How to Be Feminine

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

Follow these steps to become more feminine, but remember that this is a sometimes stereotypical view of femininity, and you should have much higher goals than just trying to look feminine!


Take care of your hair and make sure it smells good. Regular haircuts will keep it healthy and allow it to grow faster. Long hair is known to be feminine; however, short hair can look alluring as well (think Audrey Hepburn, Mia Farrow, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Rhianna).
  1. Keep make-up minimal. Mascara, lip gloss and powder will make you look great on any given day. More than that and your skin will suffer for it, which will put you in a vicious cycle of having to put more and more make-up on. we shouldn't have to spend so much time on it we are beautiful anyway.
  2. Dress in what makes you happy, but make sure you present yourself in a positive light. Short shirts can definitely be cute, but not with torn fishnets, a crop top and a thong showing, for example. If you have trouble dressing appropriately, just think about whether you'd let your own kids out of the house that way.
  3. Don't be obnoxious, but being outgoing and feisty is attractive in a woman. If you're quiet and happy that way, just let your inner charm out once in awhile to remind everyone how great you are. As if they could forget!
  4. Don't fish for compliments. As a modern woman, you'll realize all the wonderful things about yourself all on your own, and compliments from others are just gravy. Enjoy those compliments when you get them, though!
  5. Realize that famous women get a LOT of help with their looks; it's a full-time job for them. If you were to spend that much time and money on your looks, you'd be broke and have no life, and be a very shallow person to boot!
  6. Remove any body hair that makes you feel less than confident, especially if that body part will be on display. By all means, grow that leg hair in the winter! Why not?
  7. Try not to use profanities. A good naughty joke or expletive when you stub your toe is acceptable, but regularly peppering your conversation with swear words makes you look unintelligent.
  8. Be aware of your posture. Good posture makes you look more alert, confident and approachable.
  9. Be smart. More women are going to university than men right now, but we are also getting paid less in the job force. We think we're over the juvenile 'dumbing ourselves down', but when you play down your intelligence as you grow older you are affecting your own career, and the careers of women everywhere.


Follow these steps for femininity, but make sure you have a well-rounded personality. In all honesty, no one's going to refer to you as 'that feminine girl', you're more likely to get 'that boring girl'. This list is a good basis to build on though.
  • If you have talents such as ballet, writing, art, etc., try and make it known without bragging. Stereotypically 'masculine' talents are amazing to have too, like being good at hockey or math, but they won't help if your goal is to be feminine.
  • Shower daily, wash your face twice a day, brush and floss your teeth twice a day, and use deodorant. Bad hygiene isn't an attractive quality in anyone.
  • Remember these key words: intelligence, confidence, personality. Think about all the woman you admire, they will probably have these traits.


This is a stereotypical view of femininity. Of course you can be girly and not follow a lot of these rules, but this is one way of definitely coming across as feminine.

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